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Jemma Dorny
24 August 2016 @ 10:52 pm
"Ms. Dorny, it's really just a hazard-"

"Of course-"

"We had to pause class for fifteen minutes-"

The voice faded into nothing as Jemma nodded her head, doing whatever she could to keep her eyes from rolling into the back of her head. When she had left the office to come collect the twins, she had no idea a stern conversation from the teacher would greet her- nor was she expecting to see one culprit staring up at her, nose smudged blue around the nostrils from the wad of Play-Doh that had just moments before been harboring inside with just an incredibly wide and honestly, stupidly endearing smile on his face.

It certainly didn't help that the other little devil had blue smudged all over her fingers, even though they were tied behind her back and she was doing just everything she could to seem innocent.

"Miss Havisham, I promise that you will see David and Emmeline back to their best behavior for class tomorrow," Jemma told her. "They just like the play, is all, I'll speak to them about-" And at this, she narrowed her eyes at them both, even if a smile was lingering behind them. "How inappropriate it is to try and mummify one another with Play-Doh-"

They both burst into hysterical laughter and all Jemma could do was sigh, ushering them both out as a bewildered Miss Havisham turned her attention to the other parents.

"Honestly, you two, I thought we discussed this- you leave the weird stuff at home with me-"

"But mum, it was Emmie's fault," David said, grabbing onto her hand. "She said it would make the snot bubbles colored!"

"And you believed her?" Jemma shook her head, her eyes following as Emmeline dashed off toward another little boy nearly the sign-out sheet.

"LIN-DEN-" she cried. "Did you ask your dad yet if you could come OVER?"
Jemma Dorny
03 May 2014 @ 07:00 pm
It was dangerously close to curfew and Jemma was twitching with slight anxiety and her stomach buzzing with butterflies. The extent to which her relationship with Drew had progressed in the past few months was, well, not the farthest. In fact, it had been a lot of hand holding and giggling, the two of them sneaking off into the corridors after classes to exchange notes about who was cuter. It was scandalous and far too much fun, making Jemma worry.

She knew her studies came first and that she had to find a way to balance both. But that wasn't where her mind was now as she waited for him outside of Gryffindor Tower.

They were going to sneak away for a walk. Just the two of them. No Skylar or Jonah hanging around. Just Drew and Jemma.

And she was very excited. She had even put on her favorite strawberry lip gloss.
Jemma Dorny
It had been a hell of a few weeks and somehow Jemma was on that strange and uncomfortable line where it indirectly effected her, where the people she cared about were the ones hurt and there was very little she could do about it. Rowan Linney was still in critical condition, the wounds healing but very slowly and her Healers cautioning her husband and the closest thing Drew had to a father since his own passed, that it could take even longer considering she was a Muggle. It left the entire Linney and Kirke family in this weird limbo, waiting with baited breath for something to happen.

Then, bloody Romilda Vane was springing the fear of bloody hell into everyone with her gossip columns. Jemma was hard-pressed to understand why anyone would take was she was saying seriously (even if her own sources led her to believe that it was all incredibly true, and that was concerning what she didn't already know from facing it herself).

Which was why she was in her office, piles of paperwork nearly blocking her view from the open door leading out into the hallway.

She was keeping her eye out for Sebastian, having wanting to get in touch with him during the weekend but not having a minute what with everything else going on.

Finally, she saw that familiar stoic face and rose from her desk, a bit wobbly as she was still trying to deal with the extra weight in her stomach. She pressed her hand to her lower back as she called out his name.

Jemma Dorny
16 April 2014 @ 11:24 am
St. Mungo's was buzzing in a way Jemma hadn't seen in a long time. But then, it wasn't every day a Muggle was taken into the magical hospital, and it certainly wasn't every day it was due to a bloody werewolf attack. She couldn't imagine how helpless Rowan must have felt. Even a powerful wizard would be struggling, she knew. Jemma had no idea how Drew's aunt had even survived.

Though, she was so grateful. After what had happened to his uncle, Jemma just wanted to make sure Drew was alright- that he was handling everything alright. She worried that this was all too much and now, with everything front and center regarding the Daleys, she was nervous as to how he was going to handle her involvement in the whole thing. They hadn't talked about it yet, too much happening and while she was relieved there was a bit of a distraction, she knew they'd have to talk about it eventually.

"Are you sure you want to come?" she asked him, hand clutching at his as they made their way from the Critical Ward to the Birthing Ward.

They had brought flowers for Rowan, stopping to check in on how she was doing. Still unconscious but the Healers seemed positive. Jemma had her next monthly appointment, this one hopefully showing she was far enough along to reveal their genders.

"If you want to stay with your aunt- you know, I understand."
Jemma Dorny
To say that Jemma had a lot of apologizing to do was an understatement. She was about ready to get on her hands and knees and beg Sebastian not to be completely and totally pissed off at her. Well, she would attempt, but she was feeling a bit fatter than usual ever since she found out about the twins. So, instead, she piled up some varied gourmet chocolate bars and two very expensive bottles of whiskey. Maybe, instead, she could buy back his love and get him so drunk he'll forget the whole thing ever happened.

And by thing- she meant the twenty or so people who all found out he and his sister were werewolves.

And the complete panic the party caused for everyone around them.

But while she would take full responsibility, she was still firmly in the thought that this wasn't her fault. Maybe. Sort of.


She knocked on the stupidly heavy door leading to the Manor and hoped Sebastian wasn't too out of sorts to answer.