Jemma Dorny (jemmadorny) wrote,
Jemma Dorny

Post-Moon Treats? Not Like I Think You're A Dog Or Anything [closed]

To say that Jemma had a lot of apologizing to do was an understatement. She was about ready to get on her hands and knees and beg Sebastian not to be completely and totally pissed off at her. Well, she would attempt, but she was feeling a bit fatter than usual ever since she found out about the twins. So, instead, she piled up some varied gourmet chocolate bars and two very expensive bottles of whiskey. Maybe, instead, she could buy back his love and get him so drunk he'll forget the whole thing ever happened.

And by thing- she meant the twenty or so people who all found out he and his sister were werewolves.

And the complete panic the party caused for everyone around them.

But while she would take full responsibility, she was still firmly in the thought that this wasn't her fault. Maybe. Sort of.


She knocked on the stupidly heavy door leading to the Manor and hoped Sebastian wasn't too out of sorts to answer.
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