Jemma Dorny (jemmadorny) wrote,
Jemma Dorny

What's It Gonna Be? [closed]

St. Mungo's was buzzing in a way Jemma hadn't seen in a long time. But then, it wasn't every day a Muggle was taken into the magical hospital, and it certainly wasn't every day it was due to a bloody werewolf attack. She couldn't imagine how helpless Rowan must have felt. Even a powerful wizard would be struggling, she knew. Jemma had no idea how Drew's aunt had even survived.

Though, she was so grateful. After what had happened to his uncle, Jemma just wanted to make sure Drew was alright- that he was handling everything alright. She worried that this was all too much and now, with everything front and center regarding the Daleys, she was nervous as to how he was going to handle her involvement in the whole thing. They hadn't talked about it yet, too much happening and while she was relieved there was a bit of a distraction, she knew they'd have to talk about it eventually.

"Are you sure you want to come?" she asked him, hand clutching at his as they made their way from the Critical Ward to the Birthing Ward.

They had brought flowers for Rowan, stopping to check in on how she was doing. Still unconscious but the Healers seemed positive. Jemma had her next monthly appointment, this one hopefully showing she was far enough along to reveal their genders.

"If you want to stay with your aunt- you know, I understand."
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