Jemma Dorny (jemmadorny) wrote,
Jemma Dorny

So, About Hiding Out [closed forward date: Monday]

It had been a hell of a few weeks and somehow Jemma was on that strange and uncomfortable line where it indirectly effected her, where the people she cared about were the ones hurt and there was very little she could do about it. Rowan Linney was still in critical condition, the wounds healing but very slowly and her Healers cautioning her husband and the closest thing Drew had to a father since his own passed, that it could take even longer considering she was a Muggle. It left the entire Linney and Kirke family in this weird limbo, waiting with baited breath for something to happen.

Then, bloody Romilda Vane was springing the fear of bloody hell into everyone with her gossip columns. Jemma was hard-pressed to understand why anyone would take was she was saying seriously (even if her own sources led her to believe that it was all incredibly true, and that was concerning what she didn't already know from facing it herself).

Which was why she was in her office, piles of paperwork nearly blocking her view from the open door leading out into the hallway.

She was keeping her eye out for Sebastian, having wanting to get in touch with him during the weekend but not having a minute what with everything else going on.

Finally, she saw that familiar stoic face and rose from her desk, a bit wobbly as she was still trying to deal with the extra weight in her stomach. She pressed her hand to her lower back as she called out his name.

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