Jemma Dorny (jemmadorny) wrote,
Jemma Dorny

I Think We Missed [flashback]

It was dangerously close to curfew and Jemma was twitching with slight anxiety and her stomach buzzing with butterflies. The extent to which her relationship with Drew had progressed in the past few months was, well, not the farthest. In fact, it had been a lot of hand holding and giggling, the two of them sneaking off into the corridors after classes to exchange notes about who was cuter. It was scandalous and far too much fun, making Jemma worry.

She knew her studies came first and that she had to find a way to balance both. But that wasn't where her mind was now as she waited for him outside of Gryffindor Tower.

They were going to sneak away for a walk. Just the two of them. No Skylar or Jonah hanging around. Just Drew and Jemma.

And she was very excited. She had even put on her favorite strawberry lip gloss.
Tags: andrew kirke, flashback
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