Jemma Dorny (jemmadorny) wrote,
Jemma Dorny

You Stuck What Up Your Nose?

"Ms. Dorny, it's really just a hazard-"

"Of course-"

"We had to pause class for fifteen minutes-"

The voice faded into nothing as Jemma nodded her head, doing whatever she could to keep her eyes from rolling into the back of her head. When she had left the office to come collect the twins, she had no idea a stern conversation from the teacher would greet her- nor was she expecting to see one culprit staring up at her, nose smudged blue around the nostrils from the wad of Play-Doh that had just moments before been harboring inside with just an incredibly wide and honestly, stupidly endearing smile on his face.

It certainly didn't help that the other little devil had blue smudged all over her fingers, even though they were tied behind her back and she was doing just everything she could to seem innocent.

"Miss Havisham, I promise that you will see David and Emmeline back to their best behavior for class tomorrow," Jemma told her. "They just like the play, is all, I'll speak to them about-" And at this, she narrowed her eyes at them both, even if a smile was lingering behind them. "How inappropriate it is to try and mummify one another with Play-Doh-"

They both burst into hysterical laughter and all Jemma could do was sigh, ushering them both out as a bewildered Miss Havisham turned her attention to the other parents.

"Honestly, you two, I thought we discussed this- you leave the weird stuff at home with me-"

"But mum, it was Emmie's fault," David said, grabbing onto her hand. "She said it would make the snot bubbles colored!"

"And you believed her?" Jemma shook her head, her eyes following as Emmeline dashed off toward another little boy nearly the sign-out sheet.

"LIN-DEN-" she cried. "Did you ask your dad yet if you could come OVER?"
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