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Jemma Dorny
While Jemma had promised Drew that she would cut back on her extra hours, it was impossible to get her out of her office this Sunday, trying to catch up on any loose-ends she might have missed while investigating the murder pack. It was a silly name but it stuck ever since Sebastian came to visit. With him hunting, she felt she had no choice but to keep on top of it, trying to find whatever leads she could in order to help him.

The office was empty, Jemma making sure no one else worked the weekends if piles of evidence leading to a werewolf commune were going to litter her desk. She had music playing softly in the background, something she could tap her quill to as she read through the case files. It was a kind of silence she hadn't heard within these walls for a long time, typically filled with interrogations, secret meetings or the sounds of her employees joking with each other from their offices.

She leaned back, her eyes scanning the paperwork before glancing toward the clock. It was almost dusk, Jemma thankful Drew was having dinner with his parents, and she was beginning to think it was time to head home when a bit of bright paper caught her eyes.

She smiled as she pulled the invitation from the pile, the one Kiki had put together for Sebastian's birthday. She wasn't sure who first had the idea to throw him a surprise party but soon enough it was catching.

"Oh no-"

Jemma sat upright when she took in the sight of the date.

And then, she immediately grabbed her things and headed toward Reid's.
Jemma Dorny
12 March 2014 @ 10:58 pm
Jemma was fourteen weeks pregnant.

This was around the time it was safe to start telling people about the baby, when all the scarier moments of the first trimester had passed. But Jemma was still undeniably nervous. Even as she lay on the bed, her hand clutching at Drew's, she glanced down at her slightly swollen belly (resembling nothing more than a heavy lunch, really) and couldn't help but chew on the inside of her cheek as their Healer walked into the room. As excited as she was, she still had her doubts about her talents with motherhood.

These appointments always made that insecurity come out at its strongest.

"Miss Dorny-" Hestia Jones greeted. "You're looking well- I'm glad to see you've got Mister Kirke with you-"

"Hi-" she replied, shifting in the bed slightly. "Just a check-up, right?"

"Just going to see how the baby's doing," Hestia continued cheerfully.

As she watched the Healer prepare the potion for the sonogram, Jemma turned to Drew with a slight smile.

"Ready to see the baby up close?" she asked, the excitement finally starting to seep into her eyes.
Jemma Dorny
04 March 2014 @ 10:37 pm
There was a little chill creeping into her bedroom, the uncharacteristically ice cold weather lingering still even though it was March and it snuck its way past her windows. It only pushed Jemma closer to Drew while they sat in bed, stacks of paperwork strewn about in front of her, transcripts of interviews glaring at her in the face as she chewed on the end of her pen. She was finding more and more faults in the missing children cases, cover-ups that didn't make any sense and it had been clouding Jemma's brain the past few weeks.

She knew she had a lot of work ahead of her, but her eyes were starting to droop and as she looked over at Drew, she realized this was probably the last thing he wanted to deal with.

Especially when it was a case he couldn't really know anything about.

She yawned, hand covering her lips before stretching her arms above her head, her back arching as she pulled her shoulders up. Paperwork could wait. It was going to be the bane of her existence the next day, why push it through the night too?

"Hey, you know what your cousin sent me?" she nudged, tidying up her paperwork. "This massive baby name book," she laughed, piling all the files onto her side table. "Do you wanna look through it?"
Jemma Dorny
18 January 2014 @ 10:19 pm
When Jemma asked to see Drew perform, she hadn't known what to expect. She had seen him strumming a guitar when they were younger, always watching him as he hummed along with whatever tune he was playing but she'd never seen him on a stage before. The lights were bright, the crowd was eager and the girls was practically throwing themselves at him.

It certainly caught her all of guard.

Especially when she found herself humming along to the chorus, already catching the tune.

When the set was finished, and the girls finally let him breath, she caught his eye from across the room, a grin tugging at her lips.